Whatever your business issues, we can help.

What kind of organisation are you?

Small or medium enterprise, private sector or public, not for profit or 4th sector – irrespective of the type and size of your organisation, Softworx offer a range of sector specific technology solutions and appropriate pricing bundles to meet your corporate objectives as well as your budget.

It’s an old adage but one we subscribe to constantly “two ears and one mouth – use them in that proportion”. Our outlook is that we cannot add value until we know your business - so understanding your objectives, your challenges and your points of pain are key to any engagement we undertake with our clients, as it’s only from this knowledge can we recommend appropriate and beneficial services and solutions to drive positive change to your organisation.

  • Industry Specific Solutions
  • Vertical Market Expertise
  • Exceed Corporate Goals
  • Bespoke Pricing Bundles
  • Consultative Engagement
  • Improve Bottom Line

Softworx for Enterprise

With a wealth of experience both working for and with SME and Large Enterprises, the team at Softworx offer practical and knowledgeable expertise in the challenges and opportunities faced by a modern business, both internally and within the broader market in which you operate.

Our goal is to make you a better business, whether that be through a positive impact to your bottom line, driving competitive advantage or delivering operational efficiencies. Making the journey from traditional working practises through a digital transformation programme to new operating models can be daunting for any organisation - we will assist you in creating and navigating the best path for you and ensure that appropriate timelines and milestones are achieved in a structured and cohesive manner to de-risk any project and show clear ROI where appropriate.

Softworx for Public Sector and Not for Profit

With the constant pressure within the Public & Not for Profit Sectors of having to reduce costs whilst improving services to the public, there is a growing need to work with technology partners who can themselves innovate.

The outlook at Softworx is to embrace this challenge head on and to be proactive rather than passive in how we work. Wherever possible we look to engage with clients at an early stage and provide consultancy and thought leadership to allow them to better understand the art of the possible and help them shape their ICT strategy going forward.

We can help liberate the true value of existing IT and Telecoms investments because doing more with less has never been so important.