Improve communication with a choice of platforms.

The need to talk with your colleagues, suppliers and clients is as great now as it has ever been, however the architecture that delivers this function is constantly evolving. Whether it be traditional PBX, virtualised PBX or cloud hosted telephony it can be a real challenge for an organisation to keep abreast of technological innovations, to create a strategic telephony roadmap, and to decide the optimum time to review your telephony estate.

Each business has its own specific needs and at Softworx we look to engage with you on a consultative basis to recommend the most appropriate platform to safeguard both current and future requirements and allow our solutions to scale up and down as business needs evolve. We offer a full range of telephony solutions from our market leading technology partners ranging from basic platforms with standard functionality through to expansive contact centre solutions.

  • On Premise Solutions
  • Hybrid Solutions
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Cost Reduction
  • Maximise Current Investment
  • Future Proof
  • Improved Collaboration
  • Enhanced Business Continuity
  • Underpins mobility

It may be the case that all you want is to handle voice calls efficiently and effectively and to have some basic features such as: voicemail, hunt groups and the ability to hold, queue and transfer calls. Alternatively, your requirements may be more sophisticated and incorporate functionality such as omnichannel communications, web interaction and workforce optimization.

Irrespective of your requirements or the physical system architecture you choose, Softworx can provide the most suitable solution for your needs, be it: a physical (box in your premises), virtual (software for call control residing on your server) or cloud (everything hosted in the cloud)

We will design and install a solution that gives you everything you need – and nothing you don’t.

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