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Specialist ICT service provider | Glasgow | Durham | Manchester


Specialist ICT service provider | Glasgow | Durham | Manchester


Software connectivity solutions bespoke to your needs.

Connectivity & Collaboration

Softworx solutions help you to collaborate well and communicate more effectively, by mobile phone, telephone or computer screens.


Specialist ICT service provider | Glasgow | Durham | Manchester

Cyber Essentials

Softworx protect your organisation from cyber threats.

Data Storage & Encryption

Softworx effectively manage and protect your data

External Threat Management

Softworx provide intelligent, automated security to manage external threats


Softworx's privacy management platform - GDPR in a Box

InfoSec & Compliance

Softworx ensures your system is secure and compliant

Internal Threat Management

Softworx prevents action against internal security threats

ISO 27001

Softworx can help to standardise you IT governance


Softworx network switch technology that is future proof

Lines & Calls

Softworx can help making and receiving calls to connect with our colleagues, partners and customers as easy as possible.

Meet the Team

Meet our leadership team – the senior brains behind Softworx.


Business mobile plans made simple with Softworx mobile

News & Views

Latest news and industry updates from softworx

Penetration Testing

Softworx tests your systems to make sure they are secure

Privacy Policy

Softworx privacy policy


Softworx can Improve your current infrastructure and network resources

Security Audit

Softworx identify and correct your cyber vulnerabilities

Smart Meeting Rooms

Smart meeting rooms with Softworx


Softworx improve communication with a choice of platforms

Unified Communications

softworx solutions include unified communications


Softworx's vision, mission & values

Vulnerability Assessment

Softworx Scan your network for cyber vulnerabilities


Reduce network complexity - Increase network intelligence

Your Business

Softworx is a ICT service provider to small or medium enterprises

News & Views Articles

Softworx announce opening of new Durham office

IT Services Company Softworx announce opening of new office in Durham to underpin UK wide growth plans.

Softworx keeps students connected

Growing Tech company Softworx is keeping students connected

Softworx's InfoSec techonlogy partner Zonefox has

Softworx's InfoSec techonlogy partner Zonefox has unveiled a new product update to improve speed, power and data accessibility

Perspectives on AI

Softworx Infosec Technology Partner “Fortinet” share a thought-provoking outlook on Artificial Intelligence.