Latest news and industry updates from Softworx

Softworx celebrates UK expansion and relocation

The growing technology company Softworx has relocated its head office within Glasgow to accommodate its expansion across the UK.

Softworx announce opening of new Durham office

Reflecting their growing client base in the north of England, Softworx have expanded their regional presence with a new North East office,...

Softworx keeps students connected

Softworx have been awarded a 5-year framework contract to provide fully managed technology services to SHG (Structured House Group)'s Student...

Softworx's InfoSec techonlogy partner Zonefox has

Softworx's InfoSec techonlogy partner Zonefox has unveiled a new product update to improve speed, power and data accessibility. 

Perspectives on AI

Softworx Infosec Technology Partner “Fortinet” share a thought-provoking outlook on Artificial Intelligence.