Our portfolio focuses on five key areas and is supported by our global partner network:


Businesses need to be innovative in enabling their employees to communicate, work and engage. Video, chat and collaboration tools can make your business more productive, increase worker engagement and reduce the cost of doing business, leading to greater profitability and success for your organisation. By leveraging the power of video, chat and collaboration tools, a wealth of positive business outcomes can be realised.

Mobility Solutions from Softworx. Today's mobile apps have the same look and feel as Desktop Apps, with a seamless and effortless user experience. With our Unified Communications solutions, your employees can access and use voice, video and chat applications anytime, anywhere, on any mobile device - a critical way to increase engagement and improve the user experience.




Todays advanced cyber security threats are evolving -their tactics grow more sophisticated with every passing minute. According to a recent Forrester report, 53% of enterprise security leaders say that the rapid advancement of cyber threats presents the greatest challenge to their organisations.

To keep pace, businesses need comprehensive network protection that scales over their entire infrastructure and anticipates vulnerabilities across the attack surface. Softworx offers a complete, end-to-end architecture for intelligent, automated, and effective security from the data centre to the cloud—across all applications, users, and data.

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Whatever the nature of your business, your employees, customers and visitors expect to be connected quickly and securely, 24/7.  Wi-Fi solutions from Softworx offer fast, scalable and secure connectivity that can boost productivity and collaboration, increase customer retention and loyalty, increase visibility and drive new streams of revenue.

Through our cloud-first approach, we can rapidly innovate and radically simplify wireless networks at scale. Built on the industry’s most adaptable cloud platform, we help IT take control in a world of network complexity and chaos, offering greater choice, simplicity and flexibility.

Our cloud networking technologies with unified Wi-Fi access provide self-organizing and self-healing connectivity, reduced operational cost and complexity, and greater data insights. Supported by the industry’s most flexible and adaptable architecture and licensing model, our cloud-managed access networks can be fully tailored to match your requirements, both today and tomorrow.


Today’s meeting spaces are the focus of workplace transformation. 

They can change how people work with one another and develop what they can do. Wireless sharing, automated control systems, and managed services have helped transform meeting spaces into an area where your co-workers want to be, where they can come together and solve problems.

With all the changes in the work environment. Mobility, huddle spaces, open collaboration areas and the meeting room have become vital assets to your organisation.

Today’s meeting rooms are more than areas where team members come together to plan and discuss. It’s where they get work done both with customers and colleagues coming together to progress projects, work collaboratively and germinate new ideas.

Softworx can provide a wealth of expertise and proven solutions that address all and any of your meeting room or AV requirements and have specific expertise in the following areas;

  • Smart Meeting Rooms & Huddle Spaces
  • Boardroom - AV design and installation
  • Digital Signage
  • IP Television  


SD-WAN is transforming enterprise networks. Software-defined WAN is quickly replacing traditional Wide Area Networks (WANs) as more enterprises realize the need to rethink networking for today’s cloud-centric world. SD-WAN simplifies the way networks are designed, deployed and managed. It also brings powerful capabilities that increase the efficiency and agility of IT teams.

The transition to software-defined WAN is easier than you might expect because many SD-WAN devices can be installed without removing the existing network equipment. Also, the learning curve is shorter than for traditional WAN administration tools because SD-WAN is managed from a central console using a modern, graphical user interface.

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