Introducing our Privacy Management Platform: GDPR in a Box.

New GDPR legislation has raised the bar of obligation and accountability to ensure that all organisations which handle personal data now adhere to strict regulations around privacy, security and consent.

GDPR is a hugely important piece of legislation designed to replace antiquated data protection rules with a new framework which accounts for recent technological advancements and the explosion of personal data. But while the digital age has brought forth huge possibilities and benefits, it also carries inherent dangers. 

As the value of this information has become clear, there has been growing recognition that a new framework is needed to police this delicate balance and restore ownership and control. GDPR will significantly raise the bar of obligation and accountability, ensuring that all organisations which handle personal data adhere to strict regulations around privacy, security and consent.

  • Identify Data Protection Risks
    Input information into our intuitive logs, which are kept as a mandatory part of GDPR compliance (Article 30), to automatically identify the risks within your organisation
  • Manage Compliance Easier
    Manage GDPR logs, Subject Access Requests and Data Breaches or Incidents in a fully compliant manner with total record and time stamp auditability
  • Create a Compliance Culture
    Create a culture of data protection good practice using our built-in learning management system to educate your staff and manage your document workflow, with new policies reviewed and verified by our consultants
  • Policy Management System
    Comprehensive document management portal for all your policy documentation with full version control and access/edit rights
  • On Demand Support
    Whether it’s practical tips on how to be GDPR compliant or technical advice on tricky issues, our team of dedicated GDPR and Data Privacy consultants offer on-hand advice when you need it.
  • Learning Management System
    Award winning learning management portal with pre built videos and training literature to share with your staff plus the ability to create and upload your own content

Recent analysis has shown however that although the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force on 25 May 2018, many organisations are still a long way off achieving the cultural, process and technological improvements to be viewed as being GDPR compliant. A main reason for this is that whilst many firms have been told what they need to do – all too often they haven’t been shown how to do it or been given a tool to allow it to happen.

To address this challenge and by adhering to the core GDPR principle of Privacy by Design - Softworx offer a comprehensive GDPR privacy management platform that is a powerful, user-friendly data privacy tool that gives you everything you need to demonstrate compliance. It’s so comprehensive and easy to use that we have branded our offering as GDPR in a box.

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