Effectively manage and protect your data.

Data is dynamic, your view shouldn’t be static - So the only way to control your data is to understand what you have.

In today’s digitised world, data storage and encryption are at the forefront for most IT Directors and Chief Information Security Officers. Most organisations need to house massive amounts of data to comply with privacy regulations, to provide demonstrable access to historical info and to meet regulatory obligations. At the same time, an effective data storage strategy promotes security awareness and encourages employees and users to consider best practices from both a technological and a process point of view.

Due to the enhanced regulatory and compliance obligations companies now face when dealing with sensitive and private information, there has never been a better time than take stock of your current position and undertake a thorough review of your data management tools, policies and procedures.

  • Reduce Storage Costs
  • Enhanced Data Security
  • Brand Protection
  • GDPR Compliance
  • Ease of Retrieval
  • Data Insight

To protect your organisation from unauthorized employees and external threats seeking to destroy or otherwise corrupt your valuable data – your security teams must deploy protective measures. The most common approach to safeguarding sensitive data is encryption, but it’s important to consider a few business and process implications before diving head-first into an encryption strategy e.g. for many organisations, it may be important to encrypt both structured and unstructured data and appropriate consideration needs to be given to retrieval and much as storage, particularly in light of recent data compliance obligations, such as a GDPR Subject Access Request.

At Softworx we focus on Information, not infrastructure and by doing so we provide a 360-degree approach to managing and protecting your data. Our offerings in this area cover but are not limited to;

  • Multi Cloud Data Management
  • Back Up & Recovery
  • Software Defined Storage
  • Information Governance

A recent survey has shown that 52% of all information that is stored by companies is considered Dark Data, whose value is unknown. It’s this data, whose worth is unknown, that is costing you time, costing you money and slowing down your ability to work with the data that is relevant and of value to your business.

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