Protect your organisation from cyber threats.

The Cyber Essentials Certification 

The Cyber Essentials Certification is a Government-backed, industry-supported security standard to help organisations protect themselves from the most common cyber threats.

Cyber Essentials focuses on five key controls, which, when properly implemented, will help to protect organisations from the most prevalent forms of cyber threats. In particular, it focuses on cyber threats which require low levels of attacker skill, and which are widely available online.

With a Cyber Essentials certification, you will mitigate the risk of common cyber-attacks, be able to demonstrate to your stakeholders that you have precautions in place to protect sensitive data and allow you to bid for specific Government contracts.

  • Standards Based Certification
  • Government Backed Scheme
  • Basic & Higher Level Accreditations
  • Structured Security Controls
  • Underpins Corporate Governance
  • Creates Commercial Opportunities

There are two levels of certification: Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus.

Cyber Essentials – the basic level of certification can be achieved by completing a self-assessment questionnaire, which is verified by us.

Cyber Essentials Plus – this higher level of certification involves the same process as Cyber Essentials, but also includes an external test. We will work with you to ensure you have the adequate security controls in place, and then simulate a basic cyber-attack to test your controls.

We provide this service through our chosen Security Consultants who are licensed by the national accreditation body IASME to assess and certify against the Government’s Cyber Essentials scheme requirements. We also offer consulting services to help you achieve Cyber Essentials or Cyber Essentials Plus certifications. Our Consultants are also a Trusted Partner of the Scottish Business Resilience Centre for Cyber Essentials.

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