Connectivity solutions bespoke to your needs.

Ensuring your team has got access to the data and applications they need, when they need them, is essential to your success. With the constant expectation to download data in seconds, to easily access documents on the move or to deliver services to customers, your business demands high speed, highly secure, highly resilient network connectivity.

Your IT Connectivity is vital, to allow you to connect to your people, your customers and your local, national and international locations. It connects your offices, data centres and applications. By investing in your connectivity, you can ensure your organisation is ready for a digital future.

With changes in your business needs, connectivity advancements will allow access to significant increases in bandwidth across the country, based on the latest copper, fibre or wireless technology.

  • Guaranteed Bandwidth
  • Secure Connectivity
  • Business Defined SLAs
  • Network Level Security
  • Hybrid Solutions
  • 24x7 UK Support

Cloud-Ready Private Network (MPLS)

If you have multiple office sites or need to share a large amount of data privately without significant capital expense, a Cloud-Ready Private Network from Softworx is an ideal solution. Our MPLS-based Cloud-Ready Private Network is a private, highly secure and scalable network which can connect all your business sites together, wherever they may be.

Cloud-Ready Internet Access & Leased Lines

For fast, secure internet access for your business, choose Cloud-Ready Internet Access (Ethernet). Also known as Leased Lines or Dedicated Internet Access, this system ensures that your company's connection to the web is yours and yours alone. Each Cloud-Ready Internet Access Circuit is provided with best-possible SLA fix-times.

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