About Us

Softworx are a specialist ICT service provider with offices in Glasgow, Durham & Manchester.

We possess and wealth of industry knowledge, experience & proven capability within our core team and have a dual focus on our two key areas of expertise – Connectivity & Collaboration and Infosec & Compliance. This focus coupled with our portfolio of best of breed technology partners allows us to offer an unparalleled standard of service delivery.

In the complex world of ICT, with ever changing technologies, acronyms, buzzwords and abbreviations – we take great pride at Softworx of speaking in plain English and to keep things as simple as possible. Furthermore, we view ICT as a means to a bigger end rather than an end in itself and because of that we have a simple methodology we use in any client engagement or project which is based around a 1-3-5 model.

Our Client Engagement Process




​​​​​To make you a better business





Connectivity & Collaboration

Infosec & Compliance

Digital Transformation



​Cost Reduction

Operational Efficiency

Competitive Advantage

Regulatory Compliance

Increased Productivity

Softworx origins can be traced to our involvement as an internal IT Service Provider to Structured House Group (SHG), a national Property Development business whose primary focus is on the development, construction and management of purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA). Initially our remit was to provide Connectivity and Security services to SHG new build projects – currently 3,800 bedrooms under management.

From this there was a rapid expansion into us leveraging our expertise to deliver equivalent services to similar organisations within the property development sector.

Phase 3 of our evolution was to take our capability to the broader market as a stand-alone business which we formed in 2016.