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At Softworx we’re all about being the partner of choice with all things connectivity, security and transformation. As ICT specialists with offices in Glasgow and Manchester we deliver this through the expertise and passion of our people, ensuring that our vision and values drive the way we work with our clients and partners each day. 

With a wealth of industry knowledge, experience, proven capability and comprehensive understanding of the complex world of ICT, we take great pride at Softworx in speaking plain English - keeping things as simple as possible. 

From UCaaS, WiFi set up to Audio Visual installation within your work environment - #MakeItSoftworx

Our Process


With passion, continuously lead and be at the forefront of Connectivity, Cyber Security and Transformative Innovation that supports our clients current and future success.



Working with the best partners to facilitate a robust product and service portfolio under our core capabilities. Connectivity & Collaboration Infosec & Compliance and our Softworx Events.

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Our client centred approach pays particular attention to the following outcomes Cost Reduction, Operational Efficiency, Competitive Advantage, Regulatory Compliance and Increased Productivity.